Webinar: How Infirmary Health optimized EHR user adoption

Electronic Health Record systems (EHRs) have become an instrumental asset for every healthcare institution in the era of interoperability with health IT.

Infirmary Health began their journey towards a paperless record system back in 2013, and as many other healthcare institutions implementing an EHR, they faced the challenge of ensuring the end-user adoption of a large amount of staff in a short span of time. 

In this webinar, Infirmary Health's CIO, Eddy Stephens shares his experience leveraging ANCILE uPerform to deliver cost-effective training in a changing environment.

Key Challenges

  • Lack of time from physicians to attend training
  • One-on-one training is costly and time consuming
  • Difficulty to maintain and create training content
  • On-demand and easily accessible support platform was needed


  • 858 Physicians, 100,000+ training events completed in less than 10 weeks
  • Lower training costs vs Industry median
  • User needs average of 6 hours to complete all necessary training
  • Training content leveraged for CME credit for nursing students
  • 138% of ROI on eLearning via ANCILE uPerform

You can also read the Q&A Transcript of our webinar here.

About the presenters

Eddy Stephens

Eddy Stephens

VP & CIO, Infirmary Health
Eddy has been with Infirmary Health System, a regional health system located in Mobile, Alabama for 32 years and has been dedicated in turning technology and the IT department to service the business needs of Healthcare.
Vincent Lucey

Vincent Lucey

Director Global Alliances, ANCILE
Vincent is in the unique position of having worked at all 4 of the largest IT learning and performance support solution companies including Oracle UPK, SAP WPB, Assima and ANCILE Solutions. With a global mandate, he promotes the use of award-winning ANCILE solutions across large organizations such as BlackRock and Infirmary Health

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